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Alone 2015 Movie info:-

Alone is a 2015 Indian horror movie directed via Bhushan Patel, starring Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover. The film is a remake of the 2007 Thai movie of the identical name, which changed into itself based totally at the testimonies From The Crypt episode “My Brothers Keeper”.

Conjoined at start, Anjana and Sanjana have been dual sisters who lived via one promise made to every other – ‘we can always be collectively. We can in no way separate’. Mysterious occasions result in the demise of.

 At the same time as the opposite survived. Years later, the ghost of the dead comes again to haunt the surviving sister. Why changed into the promise broken? Alone 2015 full movie download, Alone 2015 movie download, Alone 2015 free Movie download, Alone 2015 direct download, Alone 2015 direct movie download.

Alone 2015

Alone 2015 movie Plot:-

The film starts offevolved on a stormy night in Kerala. A huge tree branch falls and breaks the roof of an outhouse. The girl examining the outhouse finally ends up in a clinic. In any other town, the girl’s daughter, Sanjana, and her husband, Kabir, argue about not being capable of have a good time her birthday collectively.

Sanjana receives a name about her mother’s accident and that they fast fly to Kerala. In Kerala, Sanjana starts offevolved having visions that make her trust her useless conjoined dual’s soul is after her. Her husband does no longer trusts her and sends her to his former professor for nonsecular recuperation.

Throughout the remedy length, she tells the professor approximately how her conjoined dual sister Anjana (Bipasha Basu) always hated that Kabir appreciated Sanjana greater than her. It changed into when Kabir told Sanjana that he changed into coming lower back domestic from overseas that Sanjana decided to separate from Anjana.

It become throughout this operation that Anjana died, and Sanjana blames herself for her sister’s death. The professor reassures Sanjana that her visions of Anjana are the result of her guilt and handiest a figment of her subconscious thoughts.

At her mom’s vicinity that night time, Sanjana is compelled into the outhouse by an unseen entity. Listening to noises, Kabir wakes up and reveals her unconscious in the outhouse. While Sanjana awakes, she is possessed via Anjana’s soul. More Information…

After this, Sanjana/Anjana can’t get sufficient of Kabir. Whilst the professor meets her once more, he feels there is something wrong and tells Kabir to hold a watch on her, which she overhears.

The caretaker shows that a ritual is completed on Sanjana/Anjana. After the ritual, Anjana’s stronghold on Sanjana escalates and her true shades are shown, resulting in an exorcist being called in.

During the khanjar, Anjana reveals that she become murdered. As she leaves Sanjana’s body, she urges Kabir to find out the fact of her death. After Sanjana wakes up, Kabir threatens to depart her. Sanjana tells him that year in the past while he called her to inform Anjana that he become coming home.

Anjana lost her mind and attempted to kill her because she had emotions for Kabir too. In self-protection, Sanjana hit Anjana on the top with a pitcher track field, killing her. Their mom covered the truth to shield her daughter. After consulting with the professor, they are attempting to find and burn the final ownership of Anjana and set her soul free.

Sanjana, Kabir, the caretaker, and her daughter-in-law all comply with the track main to the outhouse. Below the floor, they locate Anjana’s corpse. The caretaker and her daughter-in-regulation cross were internal to get kerosene with which to burn the frame. They both die at the fingers of Anjana’s soul.

The professor arrives at the outhouse with kerosene, however, is possessed via Anjana and attempts to attack Sanjana. Even as Kabir fights him, he finds the locket he gave to Sanjana after they were younger on Anjana’s corpse. Whilst he confronts Sanjana, she confesses that she is in reality Anjana.

She tells him that she killed Sanjana with the music field and took her sister’s vicinity so she could be with Kabir. Outraged, Kabir decides to leave her regardless of her pleas that she loves him. Sanjana hits him on the top with a chair to prevent him from leaving and he falls.

Anjana attempts to kill Kabir with a couple of scissors however is stopped using Sanjana’s soul, the burning roof falls on Anjana thus killing her and the professor saves Kabir. Kabir sees Sanjana’s soul smiling at him and then disappearing within the fireplace.

Alone 2015 movie Cast:-

  • Bipasha Basu as Sanjana/ Anjana Dhanraj as Charu Latha
  • Karan Singh Grover as Kabir Adi Face appearance
  • Sagar Saikia as Prithvi.
  • Zakir Hussain as Professor
  • Neena Gupta as Sanjana’s mother
  • Dino Morea Kabir as Special appearance Alone twin mystery continues.

Alone 2015 Movie essential Reception:-

The movie obtained combined critiques. Alternate Analyst Komal Nahta expected that the film might do properly on the container office, and praised the lead actors, writing that “Bipasha Basu does a top-notch activity…Karan Singh Grover makes an impressive debut at the large display. He looks good-looking and has a display presence. He acts very ably.

India television said that “With a few proper scary moments and Bipasha-Karan’s sizzling chemistry, by myself stands apart from several terrible horror flicks made within the past. Bipasha Basu as a terrified girl within the starting while as a ghost herself shines, Karan Singh Grover flaunts his acting talents with the same exactness that he carries while flaunting his frame when required.

A few reviewers have been more crucial, but. Filmfare praised the 2 lead actors, however, gave the film three stars, mentioning that “The handiest reason why by myself will paintings is for its erotic packaging. The ones seeking out a true scary movie will best get bad rehashes of scenes from.

The Conjuring and different famous Hollywood fare. Times of India gave it a 2.5 and said, “whilst you scratch the floor, you do not turn out to be scared shitless. And is not that what on my own is meant to do?

Bollywood Hungama gave it 2 stars and said “at the complete, on my own is a below common fare that has a commendable performance by Bipasha Basu” Praising debutant Karan Singh Grovers overall performance, it says “Karan Singh Grover makes a sprightly debut.

He is no longer aware of the digital camera at all. Thinking about he has completed television, he is excessive on emotional enchantment. He has all of the trappings of being a celebrity however he wishes to pick his movies greater accurately.

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