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The Dark Knight 2008 Movie Info:-

The Dark Knight 2008 is a superhero film directed, co-produced, and co-written by means of Christopher Nolan. Based on the DC Comics man or woman Batman, the movie is the second installment of Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy and a sequel to 2005’s Batman Begins.

starring Christian Bale and supported by using Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Morgan Freeman. In the movie, Bruce Wayne / Batman (Bale), Police Lieutenant James Gordon (Oldman) and District Attorney Harvey Dent (Eckhart) form an alliance.

to dismantle prepared crime in Gotham City but are menaced with the aid of an anarchistic mastermind called the Joker (Ledger), who seeks to undermine Batman’s effect and turn the town to chaos. Nolan’s notion for the film becomes the Joker’s comic ebook debut in 1940, 1988.

photo novel The Killing Joke, and the 1996 collection The Long Halloween, which retold Harvey Dent’s origin. The “Dark Knight” nickname becomes first implemented to Batman in Batman #1 (1940), in a story written.

via Bill Finger. The Dark Knight changed into filmed frequently in Chicago, in addition to in numerous other places inside the United States, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.

The Dark Knight 2008

The Dark Knight 2008 Movie Plot:-

A gang of criminals robs a Gotham City mob bank, murdering every different for a better proportion of the cash until most effective the Joker remains, who escapes with the cash. Batman, District Attorney Harvey Dent, and Lieutenant James Gordon shape an alliance to rid Gotham City of organized crime.

Bruce Wayne believes that with Dent as Gotham’s protector, he can retire from being Batman and lead an ordinary life with Rachel Dawes – even though she and Dent are dating. Mob bosses Sal Maroni, Gambol, and the Chechen preserve a video conference with their corrupt accountant, Lau, who has taken their budget for safekeeping and fled to Hong Kong.

The Joker interrupts the assembly to warn them that considering that Batman is unhindered through the law, he might discover Lau, who could give up the mob’s cash for a plea bargain. Joker gives to kill Batman in exchange for 1/2 of their money. The mob bosses disagree, and Gambol places a bounty on the Joker.

The Joker unearths and kills Gambol, taking up his gang. The mob comes to a decision to take the Joker up on his offer. Batman unearths Lau in Hong Kong and brings him back to Gotham to testify, allowing Dent to recognize the entire mob. The Joker threatens to kill people except Batman reveals his identification.

and begins via murdering Police Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb and the decide presiding over the mob trial. The Joker also attempts to kill Mayor Anthony Garcia, but Gordon sacrifices himself to prevent the assassination. Dent kidnaps certainly one of Joker’s henchmen and threatens him.

with a seemingly deadly sport of heads or tails till Batman intervenes, warning Dent that each one the criminals he has convicted might be launched if everybody located out. Dent learns that Rachel is Joker’s subsequent target. Bruce comes to a decision to reveal his secret identification to prevent more deaths.

Before he can, however, Dent falsely pronounces that he is Batman to entice the Joker out. Dent is taken into protecting custody, however, the Joker seems and assaults the convoy. Batman comes to Dent’s rescue and Gordon, who faked his death, apprehends the Joker, securing a merchandising to Commissioner.

Rachel and Dent are escorted away by using detectives on Maroni’s payroll; Gordon later learns that they by no means arrived home. Batman interrogates the Joker, who well-known shows that they have got been trapped in separate locations rigged with explosives and that Batman must pick one to save.

Batman races to keep Rachel, even as Gordon tries to rescue Dent. Batman arrives at the building but realizes that the Joker has despatched him to Dent’s area instead. Both homes explode.

killing Rachel and disfiguring Dent. The Joker escapes with Lau, who leads him to the Mob’s price range. The Joker burns his percentage of the cash and kills Lau and the Chechen. More Information…

The Dark Knight 2008 Movie Cast and characters:-

  • Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne / Batman
  • Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Heath Ledger as The Joker
  • Gary Oldman as James Gordon
  • Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes
  • Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox

The Dark Knight 2008 Movie Production:-

Before the release of Batman Begins, screenwriter David S. Goyer wrote a treatment for two sequels which introduced the Joker and Harvey Dent. His original purpose becomes for the Joker to scar Dent at some point in the Joker’s trial in the third movie, turning Dent into the supervillain Two-Face.

Goyer, who penned the primary draft of the film, noted the DC Comics 13-trouble comic book limited collection Batman: The Long Halloween as the predominant effect on his storyline. According to veteran Batman artist Neal Adams, he met with David Goyer in Los Angeles, and the tale could eventually.

look to Adams and author Denny O’Neil’s 1971 story “The Joker’s Five-Way Revenge” that regarded in Batman #251, in which O’Neil and Adams re-added the Joker. While first of all uncertain of whether or not or now not he would go back to direct the sequel, Nolan did want to reinterpret the Joker on screen.

On July 31, 2006, Warner Bros. Officially announced initiation of manufacturing for the sequel to Batman Begins titled The Dark Knight; it’s far the first live-action Batman movie without the word “Batman” in its title, which Bale stated as signaling that “this take on Batman of mine and Chris’ is very unique from any of the others”

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